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Welcome to Green Proof Your Home – Your Life – The Earth

We are a “green” residential consulting service designed to guide you in making your home environmentally friendly. It’s time to clean up our guides to our children…and think about the impact our everyday choices have on the earth and each other.

Your day is here – to start living greener, think about the energy and water you use, the products you buy and consume and the waste you create.

Today if you open any magazine, read the paper, watch the news, etc. there are “green” stories everywhere. There is an abundant amount of information about ways to be “green”, live “green”, travel “green” and on and on. All of this information can be overwhelming and many people don’t know where or how to get started on their own.

Green Proof Your Home will show you that even the smallest of changes can make an enormous impact on preserving the Earth’s resources for future generations. To accomplish this, we guide you every step of the way, for whatever degree of “green” living you choose.

 Thank you for taking the first step…let’s get started.

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